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Moving from and to Calgary is easy with Smart Movers. Our long-distance moving fleet is ready to meet your residential or commercial moving needs. Professional, licenced and insured. Call us now and let’s move!

The Smartest Movers in Calgary

We Believe in A Customer-First Approach

If you are looking for long distance movers in Calgary, you found what you need! Smart Movers Calgary is ready to go, using all our time tested experience and professionalism, and offering reasonable pricing for the tasks you plan. Call us now to book your move.

At Smart Movers, you and your items always come first. We treat each item as if it were our own, ensuring its safe arrival in its new home. Each member of our team is trained to deliver a first-class experience and nothing less. Don’t just move, move smart.

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We offer 2 major types of long distance services to meet your budget and time requirements:

Shared Load

Cheaper but potentially slower option, where we assemble the delivery from number of small loads which go the same way.

Express long distance moving

We pick up your load and hit the road directly to your destination. Higher price, shortest time.

Calgary to Toronto Movers

Make a smooth move to Canada's most populous city. Our professional movers are here to help you and your possessions get to Toronto safely, quickly, and in time for the next Maple Leafs' game.

Calgary to Vancouver Movers

Your move from Calgary to the coastal gem of Vancouver just got easier—and lighter! We'll take the weight off your shoulders, hauling any residential or commercial items cross-province efficiently and securely.

Calgary to Montreal Movers

You'll be saying bonjour in Montreal in no time. Smart Movers' professional moving services are well equipped and highly experienced in making the trip from Calgary to Montreal to meet your residential or commercial moving needs.

Calgary to Edmonton Movers

Edmonton is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Calgary, and our movers are eager to provide the quickest and safest route for your home or business belongings. Contact us today for a free quote and more information on how we can help you on your short trip to Alberta's lively capital.

Calgary to Ottawa movers

When Parliament Hill beckons you closer, our movers are here to help! Our updated fleet of delivery vehicles and motivated movers make any move from Calgary to Ottawa a sinch.

Calgary to Winnipeg movers

Wandering to Winnipeg? Smart Movers can help! Our Calgary to Winnipeg movers can make your transition to the Manitoba capital stress-free and fast.

Best Moving Company In Canada

About Smart Movers Calgary

Come to Calgary with has no shortage of sports fans, outdoor activities, and panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains, so it’s no wonder so many people are moving to and from this vibrant city year-round. With Smart Movers, your transition from – to Calgary living is as cool, calm, and collected as the Bow River that runs smoothly through the city’s veins.

Whether across town or across Canada, we’ll help make your move from Calgary to across Canada move stress free and efficient. Our wide range of services ensures all your needs are met, and every item accounted for. Our high-quality services include:

  • A friendly and experienced manager who works with you one-on-one to plan and
    strategically prepare for your move
  • Highly trained drivers and movers who treat your possessions as if they’re their own, with
    close attention to detail and skill at what they do
  • Rigorous quality control processes and cargo insurance to safeguard and protect every
    one of your possessions
  • A fleet of vehicles that is upgraded and maintained to make every move smooth and
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Provided high-quality packing materials
  • Garbage removal
  • Storage of items
  • Moving of heavy items, including pianos and pool tables
  • Plus, anything more to meet your individual requirements


Shared Load Services:

Save money and utilize our shared load services from Calgary.

Each month our Smart Movers Calgary branch has scheduled trucks going west to Vancouver and east to:

  • Edmonton
  • Regina
  • Winnipeg
  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa
  • Quebec City
  • Moncton
  • Halifax
  • Prince Edward Island

Express Delivery

Swiftly and speedily go from Calgary to any long-distance location in Canada! Our extra-fast
express delivery services are the quickest way to ship your belongings across the country.

Make your move from and to Calgary elsewhere simple and straightforward. We do all the packing, transporting, and unloading so you can lift your spirits instead of too many boxes.

Catch a Flames hockey game, take the kids to the amazing Calgary Zoo, or simply rest from a day of
travel while we take care of delivering everything you need to your home.

Moving from and to Calgary shouldn’t be a hassle—do it the smart way with Smart Movers!

For more information on our Calgary moving services or to receive a free quote, contact us today.

Best Movers in Canada

Pair With Us for Your Next Move

Smart Movers of Calgary provides long-distance moving services and more for all of Canada. From small residential moves to massive commercial moves, we have the staff, equipment, and experience to make your transition seamless. Our professional staff specializes in residential, commercial, express moves, and more such as packing and unpacking, supplying packing materials for your move, and beyond.

For years, Smart Movers has been regarded as one of the best long-distance moving companies in Canada. By following a customer-first approach, we’re able to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of all those who we help. We keep our prices low, our expectations high, and our customer satisfaction rate flawless.

We understand the high level of trust you put in us to move your property, furniture, equipment, and keepsakes. We take our job seriously and are licensed, insured, and diligent in getting each item to where it belongs safely. You can trust our team of professionals to take care of everything, from your initial intake consultation, to packing, to pick up, to transport, to drop off—we have you covered.

Full-Service Operation

Everything you need is covered, whether moving, packing, unloading, safekeeping, or more. We handle all items, including fragile heirlooms, bulky furniture, heavy safes, and beyond.


On-time and in one piece is what we stick to. With trained drivers, experienced movers, and attentive managers, we have the people, tools, and motivation to ensure a timely and reliable move.

Licensed And Insured

Take the pressure off yourself and put it on us. We take the utmost care with your items and enforce additional safety methods, when necessary, but if anything happens, it's insured under us. If the worst happens, we have you covered!

Great Prices

Our goal is to help you move while staying affordable. We have multiple moving options to help keep your costs down, plus a free moving quote.

At Smart Movers, No Distance is Too Far

Move More, Stress Less with Smart Movers

Shared Load Moving

Providing Professional Shared Load Services in Canada.

Cut costs with our shared load moving services. Shared loads combine multiple deliveries into one, helping you keep costs as low as possible. Although delivery times can be a bit longer when sharing the truck with your fellow movers, we offer flexible times and welcome you to plan ahead with us so that we can meet your individual needs.

Whether you're moving one large item or multiple, a shared load is an excellent option to find the most affordable rate.

For more information on our shared load service or to schedule a free quote, contact us today, and we'll be in touch in less than 24 hours.

Long-Distance Office Moving

Timely Moving Services for Your Business

Get your business back in gear as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. We'll stick to your schedule to ensure you can get back to business as usual in no time. Whether moving multiple offices, or just one office, No matter the -distance, we ensure a hiccup-free transition to your new workspace.

With years of office and business moving under our belts, we know how to efficiently minimize downtime so you and your employees can pick up exactly where you left off in no time. With trained drivers and movers, we're here to ensure smooth sailing operations from pick up to drop off by carefully planning, preparing tools and equipment, organizing, unloading, and cleaning so you can get to work as quickly as possible.

For more information or to schedule a free office moving quote, get in touch with us today.

Residential Long-Distance Moving

Providing Safe, Dependable Moves for Residents Across Canada

Moving homes is no easy feat and takes care and patience to do the job right. For years, Smart Movers has been trusted to help residents all over Canada move to their new homes with peace of mind and all their items safe and accounted for. With attention to detail, we ensure your residential long-distance move is seamless and trouble-free from start to finish.

Our experienced team takes the time to truly understand your moving needs. We carefully plan, prepare, and pack using high-quality packing materials and will further organize and ensure everything is unloaded exactly where you need it. All of your family's needs will be accommodated so you can get to relaxing and living in your new space as quickly as possible.

Get in touch with us today for more information on our residential long-distance moving services or to schedule a free quote.

Express Long-Distance Moving

Swiftly and speedily go from Calgary to any long-distance location in Canada! Our extra-fast express delivery services are the quickest way to ship your belongings across the country.

Make your move from and to Calgary elsewhere simple and straightforward. We do all the packing, transporting, and unloading so you can lift your spirits instead of too many boxes.

Catch a Flames hockey game, take the kids to the amazing Calgary Zoo, or simply rest from a day of travel while we take care of delivering everything you need to your home. Moving from and to Calgary shouldn't be a hassle—do it the smart way with Smart Movers!

For more information on our Calgary moving services or to receive a free quote, contact us today.

Storage Services

Storage Facilities to Keep Your Belongings Safe Between Moves

Find The Right Storage Option for Your Home Or Office Needs

Looking for a storage company in Calgary that has received the "Consumer Choice Award"? Look no further!

Our customers love having access to our long-distance residential and commercial moving services with additional service of storage facility, especially when moving out or moving in timelines don't quite match up.

We've partnered with several warehouses to provide trustworthy storage options with the newest equipment and technology protocols in place.

Every warehouse we use has a climate-controlled environment, 24-hour security.

Call us today for your free quote!

Assembly and Disassembly Services

When you're stuck with taking furniture apart and putting it back together, it can feel like there's nothing more cumbersome and time-consuming—that's where we come in! We take everything apart, pack it properly to avoid damage, transport it safely, unload from the delivery vehicle, move it exactly where you want it to go, and put it all back together again. As part of our long-distance moving services, we can handle it all for you with any number of items you need a hand with.

We specialize in long-distance moves across Canada, helping residential and commercial customers with every aspect of their move, including assembly and disassembly, and more.

We know that taking furniture apart can be frustrating doing it alone, especially if you don't have the right tools or enough time. And it can be even worse during a busy move when patience is running low. All it takes is one broken bolt or a lost screw to make your functional furniture non-functional. As moving specialists, we know how to safely disassemble and reassemble your furniture. We constantly train our movers on how to do this properly, taking notes and keeping everything packaged properly to ensure satisfaction.

Call us today for your free assembly quote!


One of the most time-consuming aspects of your move is packing. This essential step is tedious, tiresome, and requires a whole lot of patience. When your plate is full of your other moving responsibilities and daily duties, allow us to do the boxing, taping, and organizing the right way.

Our professionally trained packers are attentive to details and move swiftly from room to room. We account for every item and ensure it can be easily found. When you get to your new home or business location, everything you need is easily searchable and findable—no need to empty out every box to find that extra toothbrush or worry about a missing file.

Packing Materials

We provide high-quality packing materials upon request. Special boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and everything you might need are ready to be used. Whether you'd like to pack yourself or call us in to pack for you, we've got you covered.

Piano Moving

Take your tunes to go. Smart Movers offers professional piano moving to your new location with proper equipment and training to get the job done right.

With gentle hands, yet strong arms and equipment, we're able to gracefully move your piano wherever it needs to go without harming a single key or string. Whether a grand piano or a digital piano, we use the utmost care and precision to protect and safeguard your musical asset from pickup to delivery. We properly secure the instrument, use padding and coverage, remove legs and outer items to protect it during travel, and set it up exactly as it's intended upon delivery.

To get a free quote or for more information on our piano moving services, contact us today.

Pool Table Movers

Your pool table is great for all ages, a fantastic strategy game to keep the mind sharp, and perfect for entertaining guests—but when it comes to moving it, you might not be having so much fun.

Pool tables can weigh anything from 500 to 1000 pounds, are bulky, and typically take a long process to properly disassemble and squeeze through the doorway. Smart Movers has the time and the muscle to do it all for you!

As professional pool table movers with years of experience, we have the training and knowledge to ensure your billiard pass time is transported safely and efficiently. With proper tools, we disassemble, keep track of each component, carefully pack each part, load the moving truck, and unload and reassemble at your chosen location. The soft green felt, each ball, and every cue stick is accounted for and delivered with care. Once delivered, we thoughtfully reassemble the pool table exactly as we found it.

For more information on our pool table moving services or for a free quote, please reach out to us today.

Cargo Delivery

Moving to a new home or business location is hard enough without those oversize items mentally weighing you down. From heavy home gym equipment to large safes to hot tubs to sizeable manufacturing equipment and beyond—we're able to take care of any of your large cargo at your home or business location.

With muscle and smart machinery, we're able to take proper precautions and move any of your oversized items to the location of your choosing. Our highly experienced movers and drivers are no stranger to hauling hefty items and take great care to pack, protect, transport, and deliver safely. We plan with you one-on-one to meet all your unique cargo requirements and move on your schedule.

For more information on our cargo delivery services to and from Calgary or to receive a free quote, get in touch with us today.

Calgary Professional Movers

Why Choose Us For Your Next Long-Distance Move?

With so many options to choose from, what makes us the best option for your long-distance move?

  • Licensed And Insured
  • Trained Professionals
  • Dependable Delivery Schedules
  • Express Moving Services
  • Affordable Moving Options and Upfront Pricing

Our fleet of specialized moving trucks is perfect for moves of any size and any distance. With a customer-first mindset, we keep everything we need in-house to accommodate your needs at a moment’s notice. We maintain all of our vehicles to the highest standards and ensure updated equipment, so each move is reliable, speedy, and safe.

Whether a residential or commercial client, our full-service moving operation is here for the long haul. No item is too heavy, and no distance is too great!

Professional Movers in Calgary

Why Choose Smart Movers Calgary For Your Long Distance Move?

If you’re looking for movers “near me” in Calgary, you’re in the right spot. We have over 20 years of experience, specializing in both residential and office moving, we pack your items with the best materials available, and we have a high rate of satisfaction from our customers.

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